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    Group weddings have become the new "it" thing. At first glance, a group wedding might seem impersonal--after all, many couples share the ceremony, take the same vows, and miss out of the personal touches of a traditional one-couple wedding. But, lots of people--from China to the United States--seem to appreciate them and partake in the festivities. Group weddings are far less expensive than traditional ceremonies and they make for great stories. The couples get to know each other a bit and hear each other's "how we met" moments. If nothing else, the memory of their day will be unique and special because it is theirs, and all that really matters is that the couple make a commitment to one another and share the news of their love with the world. If things, such as a dove release, ice sculptures, or programs with your names on them, aren't your thing, why not join in the trend and take part in our next group wedding?

    Included with the Group Wedding Package, each couple may invite up to ten guests to share in this special event. Call today for details and leave all of the planning (except what you both will wear) to us!




    Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 2:30 p.m.

    Celebrate your special day with us in this unique group setting. Reverie's annual group wedding will take place at a venue soon to be announced. Check back for more information, or contact one of our officiants to schedule your spot at our annual group wedding. 

    Reserve your spot by calling (814) 636-0142