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1. an act or state of absent minded daydreaming: to fall into a reverie P.O. Box 16
2. a piece of instrumental music suggestive of a daydream   Fairview, PA 16415
3. archaic a fanciful or visionary notion; daydream



    Have you always loved nature? Maybe that's where you and your significant other connect best? Why not take your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony out where you are most comfortable--in the great outdoors.

    Invite guests to bring their tents as you say your vows in a large wildflower field. For the reception, bring some speakers and groove to the beat as you dance the night away under the starts. Cozy up by the fire as you eat s'mores and swap stories with family and friends. 

    Of course, these are all just suggestions. Create your own dream experience. Nothing is impossible.